If you are planning to buy the YouTube premium subscription plan to listen to the audio version of the YouTube videos in the background, you need to think twice.

I am a big fan of YouTube Music because of its music suggestion algorithm and easily navigable user interface. 

Ever since YouTube has launched the YouTube music I use to listen to its huge music library every day. But the problem is that when you minimize the YouTube music app to perform other actions on your phone, the audio will stop immediately. Because YouTube has restricted the background play feature in its public version. You need to buy a version of the YouTube premium to play YouTube music audio in the background.

The same rule applies to the YouTube app also.  

But there is a clever solution to this. You can run YouTube in the background even without subscribing to the YouTube premium pack.

This trick applies to both YouTube and YouTube music.

Open Google Chrome on your mobile phone and search for youtube.com in the search bar or music.youtube.com for YouTube music.

Shift to Desktop Site in Google Chrome and inside YouTube or YouTube Music, search for your favorite song. 

www.youtube.com opened inside desktop site of Google chrome to run youtube in background.

If you don’t know how to switch to the desktop version inside Google Chrome just press the vertical three-dot icon on the upper right corner and select “Desktop site”. 

Now if you minimize the Goonle Chrome the music will continue to play in the background. You can check the background play in your notification drop-down. 

Notification bar of the phone showing YouTube video's audio running in the background using google chrome.

The music will continue to play in the background even in the lock screen of the phone.  

Dialogue box showing YouTube video's audio running in the lock screen.

Just remember to switch to the Desktop Version otherwise this trick will not work.

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