Google Will Remove Gmail’s HTML View In 2024


Google Will Remove HTML View From Gmail In 2024

Gmail’s HTML View To Be Removed In 2024

Another Google product is destined for the graves. Beginning in January 2024, the business will phase off Gmail’s basic HTML interface, which allows users to view their emails in their most basic form.

After the deadline, Gmail will automatically convert to the Standard layout, according to the company’s support page. Users on Hacker News reported receiving an email from Google informing them of the feature’s demise.

We’re writing to let you know that the Gmail Basic HTML view for desktop web and mobile web will be disabled starting early January 2024. The Gmail Basic HTML views are previous versions of Gmail that were replaced by their modern successors 10+ years ago and do not include full Gmail feature functionality,” the email reads.

Even today, when you try to visit the HTML version, Google displays a warning stating that it is intended for “slower connections and legacy browsers” and asks you to confirm that you do not wish to use the regular version.

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Chat, spell checker, search filters, keyboard shortcuts, and rich formatting are all missing from the HTML version. However, it is beneficial when you are in a low-connectivity location or simply want to read emails without any extra bells and whistles. It’s unclear whether Google intends to include a low-connectivity option.

Google is currently concentrating on incorporating AI-powered features into its products, such as Gmail. The company debuted a Duet AI service last month to assist customers in writing emails. It enabled the Bard chatbot to interface with Google accounts last week, allowing you to ask queries about email history.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to “Gmail’s HTML View Being Removed In 2024”;

1. What is Gmail’s HTML view?

  • Gmail’s HTML view is a simplified version of Gmail that allows users with slower internet connections or older browsers to access their emails with basic functionality.

2. Why is Gmail removing the HTML view in 2024?

  • Gmail is removing the HTML view in 2024 to streamline its user experience and focus on providing a more consistent and feature-rich email platform. It may also be retiring this older feature due to declining usage.

3. How will this change affect Gmail users?

  • Users who rely on the HTML view of Gmail may need to switch to the standard view, which provides a more feature-rich email experience. It may require users to have a stable internet connection and a modern web browser.

4. Can I continue to use Gmail’s HTML view after 2024?

  • Gmail is planning to discontinue the HTML view, so it may no longer be accessible as an option after 2024.
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5. Will my emails and data be affected by the removal of HTML view?

  • The removal of the HTML view should not affect your emails or data in Gmail. Your emails and data will remain accessible through the standard Gmail interface.

6. How do I switch from HTML view to the standard view in Gmail?

  • To switch from HTML view to the standard view in Gmail, click on the “Standard view” or “Load standard HTML” option if available at the bottom of the HTML view. You may need to do this every time you access Gmail.

7. What if my internet connection is slow or unreliable?

  • If you have a slow or unreliable internet connection, you may experience difficulties with the standard view of Gmail. In such cases, consider improving your internet connection or using a more modern web browser for a smoother experience.

8. Can I still access Gmail on older devices or browsers after 2024?

  • Accessing Gmail on older devices or browsers may become challenging after the removal of HTML view in 2024. It’s recommended to update your browser or use a device that supports modern web standards for the best Gmail experience.

9. Are there alternatives to Gmail’s HTML view for users with slower internet connections?

  • Users with slower internet connections may consider using email clients or applications that offer offline access to emails, allowing them to read and respond to emails without requiring a constant internet connection.

10. Is Gmail offering any assistance or guidance for users transitioning from HTML view to standard view?

- Gmail may provide notifications or guidance to users about the upcoming change and how to switch to the standard view for a better experience. Users are encouraged to follow any instructions or recommendations provided by Gmail.

These FAQs address common questions and concerns related to the removal of Gmail’s HTML view in 2024 and how it may impact Gmail users.

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