A Simple Guide on How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone


A Simple Guide on How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone

Modern living requires organization and efficiency. Fortunately, iPhones have many options that simplify communication, like text message scheduling. Scheduling iPhone text messages can help you manage your hectic schedule, whether you want to send midnight birthday wishes or make appointment reminders. This blog post will show you how to schedule iPhone text messages step-by-step, making communication easier.

Leveraging Built-in Features

1. Using the Messages App:

  • Open the Messages app on your iPhone, then tap the compose button to start a new message.
  • Enter the recipient’s contact information and compose your message as usual.

2. Accessing the Schedule Feature:

  • Long-press or force touch the send button (the arrow icon) to reveal additional options.
  • Select the “Schedule Message” option from the menu to access the scheduling feature.
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Setting the Date and Time

1. Choosing the Delivery Time:

  • After selecting the “Schedule Message” option, you’ll be prompted to choose the date and time for delivery.
  • Scroll through the date and time picker to set the desired delivery time for your message.

2. Confirming the Schedule:

  • Once you’ve selected the delivery time, tap “Done” or a similar confirmation button to schedule the message.
  • The scheduled message will now be saved and queued for delivery at the specified time.

Managing Scheduled Messages

1. Viewing Scheduled Messages:

  • To view your scheduled messages, open the Messages app and navigate to the conversation thread.
  • Scheduled messages will be indicated with a clock icon next to the send button.

2. Editing or Deleting Scheduled Messages:

  • If you need to make changes to a scheduled message or delete it altogether, simply long-press or force touch the message to reveal editing options.
  • From here, you can edit the message content, change the delivery time, or delete the message entirely.

Additional Tips and Considerations

i. Consider Time Zones: When scheduling messages for recipients in different time zones, be mindful of the time difference to ensure messages are delivered at an appropriate time.

ii. Test the Feature: Before relying heavily on the scheduling feature, it’s a good idea to test it with a few messages to ensure it works as expected.


Text message scheduling on your iPhone makes communication and organization easy. Following these simple steps, you can use the scheduling feature to send messages at the proper time for personal or professional reminders. Scheduled iPhone messaging lets you manage your communication workflow easily.

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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about scheduling text messages on iPhone:

1. Can I schedule text messages on iPhone without using third-party apps?

Yes, you can schedule text messages directly from the Messages app on iPhone without the need for third-party apps. The scheduling feature is built into the iOS operating system.

2. What iOS version do I need to schedule text messages on iPhone?

The ability to schedule text messages is available on iPhones running iOS 14 and later versions.

3. Can I schedule text messages for delivery at a specific time?

Yes, you can schedule text messages for delivery at a specific date and time using the scheduling feature on iPhone. Simply choose the desired delivery time when scheduling the message.

4. Can I schedule text messages to multiple recipients at once?

Unfortunately, the native scheduling feature on iPhone does not currently support scheduling text messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. You’ll need to schedule individual messages for each recipient.

5. What happens if my iPhone is turned off at the scheduled delivery time?

If your iPhone is turned off or not connected to a network at the scheduled delivery time, the message will not be sent. However, once your iPhone is back online, the message will be sent automatically.

6. Can I edit or delete scheduled text messages?

Yes, you can edit or delete scheduled text messages before they are sent. Simply open the Messages app, navigate to the scheduled message, and long-press or force touch it to reveal editing options.

7. Do scheduled text messages appear in the recipient’s message thread immediately after scheduling?

No, scheduled text messages will not appear in the recipient’s message thread until the scheduled delivery time. The message will be sent at the specified time, and the recipient will receive it accordingly.

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8. Can I schedule messages for delivery to non-iPhone users?

Yes, you can schedule messages for delivery to both iPhone and non-iPhone users. The scheduling feature works for all SMS and MMS messages, regardless of the recipient’s device.

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