A Quick Guide on How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram


A Quick Guide on How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram

With the Carousel function, Instagram’s dynamic platform enables users to publish complete visual story-lines in addition to individual images. If you’re excited to share several images in one post, this detailed article will show you how to post multiple photos on Instagram in an easy-to-follow manner.

1. Open the Instagram App

Unlock your device and open the Instagram app. Ensure you are logged into the account where you want to share the multiple photos.

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2. Tap the Plus Icon to Create a New Post

Located at the bottom center of the screen, the plus icon is your gateway to creating a new Instagram post. Tap on it to access your photo gallery.

3. Select Multiple Photos

In the photo gallery, navigate to the folder containing the images you wish to share. Tap and hold on the first photo you want to include in your post. As you do this, you can then tap on additional photos to include them in the selection. A number in the top right corner of each selected photo indicates the order in which they will appear.

4. Tap Next

Once you’ve selected all the photos you want to include, tap on the “Next” button located in the top right corner of the screen.

5. Arrange the Order of Photos

Instagram allows you to rearrange the order of the selected photos before posting. Hold and drag the photos to arrange them in the desired sequence. This step is crucial if you want your followers to experience a specific visual story.

6. Apply Filters and Edits (Optional)

Instagram provides various filters and editing tools to enhance your photos. You can choose a uniform filter for all the photos or apply individual edits to each one. Once satisfied, tap “Next.”

7. Write a Captivating Caption

Craft a compelling caption to accompany your carousel post. Share the story behind the photos, ask a question, or add relevant hashtags to increase discoverability. Take advantage of this opportunity to engage your audience.

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8. Tag People and Add Location (Optional)

If your multiple photos include people or were taken at a specific location, you can tag individuals and add a location to provide additional context. This step enhances engagement and allows users to explore related content.

9. Share to Other Platforms (Optional)

If you want your Instagram post to be simultaneously shared on other connected platforms like Facebook or Twitter, toggle the respective switches. This option streamlines your social media content sharing.

10. Tap Share

Once you’ve perfected your multiple-photo post, tap on the “Share” button. Your visual narrative will now be published on your Instagram feed, allowing your followers to swipe through and immerse themselves in your story.


For users who want to share more than just one moment, Instagram’s Carousel function offers a potent narrative tool. These easy steps will help you share many photographs at once and captivate your audience with a visual story that surpasses the limitations of a single image. Try out this function and use many photos to create interesting posts that will improve your Instagram profile!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about posting multiple photos on Instagram:

Q: How many photos can I include in a single Instagram carousel post?

A: Instagram allows users to include up to 10 photos in a single carousel post. This feature enables you to create a cohesive visual story or share a series of related images.

Q: Can I mix videos and photos in a carousel post on Instagram?

A: Yes, Instagram allows a mix of both photos and videos in a single carousel post. You can combine up to 10 images and videos to create a dynamic and engaging visual sequence.

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Q: Can I edit individual photos within a carousel post separately?

A: Yes, Instagram provides the flexibility to edit each photo individually within a carousel post. After selecting multiple photos, you can apply filters and edits to each one independently.

Q: How does the order of photos in a carousel post affect the viewer’s experience?

A: The order of photos in a carousel post determines the sequence in which users will see them. Consider arranging your photos to create a cohesive visual story or convey a narrative that unfolds as viewers swipe through the carousel.

Q: Can I add links to external websites in a carousel post on Instagram?

A: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Instagram allows accounts with 10,000 or more followers to add clickable links to external websites in their stories. However, this feature is not available within standard carousel posts. Users can include a single link in their Instagram bio.

Q: How can I check the engagement on individual photos within a carousel post?

A: Instagram provides insights for carousel posts, allowing you to see the overall engagement and interactions. To view engagement on individual photos, you can use third-party analytics tools or check the comments, likes, and saves on each specific photo within the carousel.

Q: Can I schedule carousel posts on Instagram in advance?

A: Instagram does not offer a built-in feature for scheduling carousel posts. However, third-party social media management tools may provide scheduling capabilities for carousel posts. Always check the latest updates and features on Instagram for any changes.

Q: Do carousel posts appear differently in the Instagram feed compared to single-image posts?

A: Carousel posts appear in the Instagram feed with a small icon indicating multiple images or videos. Viewers can swipe through the carousel directly from the feed. The first image or video in the sequence is visible, and users can swipe left to see the rest.

Q: Can I delete individual photos within a carousel post after it’s been published?

A: No, Instagram does not currently allow users to delete individual photos within a carousel post once it has been published. If you need to make changes, you may need to delete the entire post and create a new one with the desired content.

Q: Can I share a carousel post to my Instagram Story?

A: Carousel posts cannot be directly shared to Instagram Stories. However, you can use the “Add Post to Your Story” option to share the first photo or video from the carousel to your Instagram Story. This creates a link back to the original post.

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