A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete Albums on iPhone


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete Albums on iPhone

How to Delete Albums on iPhone

Because of the advent of digital photography, our iPhones are now essential instruments for taking and saving priceless photos. But keeping up with an expanding picture collection may get burdensome, and occasionally you just need to declutter. This comprehensive tutorial will guide you on deleting albums from your iPhone in order to make much-needed storage space.

1. Open the Photos App

Unlock your iPhone and locate the “Photos” app on your home screen. Tap on the app icon to launch it. The Photos app is your gateway to managing and organizing your entire photo collection.

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2. Navigate to the “Albums” Tab

At the bottom of the Photos app, you’ll find several tabs, including “Photos,” “For You,” “Albums,” and more. Tap on the “Albums” tab to access all the albums you have created on your iPhone.

3. Identify the Album You Want to Delete

Scroll through the list of albums to find the specific one you wish to delete. Albums can include your own creations, as well as default ones like “Recently Deleted” or “Favorites.”

4. Open the Album and Tap “See All”

Once you’ve located the album, tap on it to open its contents. If the album contains more photos than what is visible at first glance, tap “See All” to view the complete list of images within that album.

5. Tap “Select” in the Top Right Corner

In the top right corner of the screen, you’ll find the “Select” option. Tap on it to enter selection mode. This mode allows you to choose multiple photos within the album for deletion.

6. Choose Photos to Delete

Now that you’re in selection mode, tap on the photos you want to delete. Selected photos will display a blue check-mark. If you want to delete the entire album, you can skip this step.

7. Tap the Trash Can Icon

Once you’ve selected the photos you wish to delete or if you want to delete the entire album, look for the trash can icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Tap on it to delete the selected photos or the entire album.

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8. Confirm Deletion

A confirmation prompt will appear, asking if you are sure you want to delete the selected photos or album. Confirm your decision, and the items will be moved to the “Recently Deleted” folder.

9. Empty the “Recently Deleted” Folder (Optional)

Deleted photos and albums are not permanently removed right away. To free up space completely, you can go to the “Recently Deleted” album (located in the “Albums” tab), select “Select” in the top right corner, then choose “Delete All” to permanently remove the items.


It’s simple to delete albums from your iPhone, which lets you neatly arrange your photo library. These steps will keep your iPhone’s photo albums organized and customized to your tastes, whether you’re getting rid of old collections or organizing your storage. Use this easy technique to arrange your memories and create space for new ones!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to deleting albums on iPhone:

Q: Can I recover deleted albums on my iPhone?

A: Yes, deleted albums and photos are initially moved to the “Recently Deleted” folder in the Photos app. You have a limited time to recover them from this folder before they are permanently deleted. To restore deleted items, go to the “Recently Deleted” album, select the items you want to recover, and tap “Recover.”

Q: How long do photos and albums stay in the “Recently Deleted” folder?

A: Items in the “Recently Deleted” folder are retained for 30 days before being permanently deleted. After this period, they are automatically removed from your device, freeing up storage space.

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Q: Can I delete default albums like “Favorites” or “Recently Deleted”?

A: Default albums such as “Favorites” and “Recently Deleted” cannot be deleted as they are integral parts of the Photos app. You can, however, manage the contents within these albums by adding or removing photos.

Q: Will deleting an album also delete the photos in it from my camera roll?

A: Deleting an album on your iPhone does not delete the individual photos from your camera roll or the “All Photos” section. It only removes the organizational structure of the album. If you want to delete photos entirely, you need to delete them individually or use the “Delete All” option in the “Recently Deleted” folder.

Q: Can I delete multiple albums at once on my iPhone?

A: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, iOS does not offer a native feature to delete multiple albums simultaneously. You’ll need to delete each album individually. Always check the latest iOS updates for any new features or changes.

Q: Will deleting albums on my iPhone also delete them from iCloud?

A: Deleting albums locally on your iPhone does not automatically delete them from iCloud if you have iCloud Photos enabled. Changes made on one device will sync across all devices connected to the same iCloud account. Deleted items may move to the “Recently Deleted” folder on all devices.

Q: Can I delete albums using iCloud on a computer?

A: iCloud.com primarily allows users to manage photos at the level of individual images rather than albums. To delete albums, it’s recommended to use the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Q: What happens if I run out of storage while trying to delete an album?

A: If your device is running out of storage while trying to delete an album, you may encounter difficulties in performing the action. Ensure you have sufficient available storage or consider freeing up space by deleting unnecessary files or apps before attempting to delete albums.

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