Downloading Delights: How to Save Videos from Instagram


Downloading Delights: How to Save Videos from Instagram

How to Save Videos from Instagram

Scrolling through Instagram and come across a must-have video? You’re not alone! But unlike photos, Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in save option for videos. Fear not, fellow social media enthusiast! Here are a few methods to save those captivating videos from Instagram and watch them offline, or share them elsewhere:

Important Note: Before we delve into these methods, it’s crucial to acknowledge copyright. Always ensure you have permission to download and share videos that don’t belong to you.

Method 1: Third-Party Websites (Simplest Option)

1. Copy the Link: Open the Instagram app and navigate to the video you want to save. Tap the three dots (…) above the video and select “Copy Link.”

2. Head to a Downloader Site: There are many third-party websites that specialize in downloading Instagram videos. A quick web search will reveal several options. Choose a reputable website with positive user reviews.

3. Paste and Download: Once on the chosen website, locate the designated field and paste the copied link from Instagram. The website will typically analyze the link and provide a download button. Click to download the video.

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Consider These Points:

a. Safety First: When using third-party websites, prioritize those with a good reputation and clear privacy policies.

b. Beware of Ads: Some free download websites might bombard you with ads. Be cautious and avoid clicking on suspicious links.

Method 2: Apps for Downloading (More Features)

1. Explore the App Store: There are several apps available for download on iPhone and Android devices specifically designed for saving Instagram videos.

2. Choose Wisely: Read reviews and compare features before downloading an app. Some apps might offer additional functionalities, like story saving or batch downloading.

3. Similar Process: The general process often involves copying the Instagram video link and pasting it within the app. The app will then handle the download process.


a. App Permissions: Pay attention to the permissions requested by the app during installation. Only grant access to functionalities that are essential for downloading videos.

b. In-App Purchases: Some apps might offer a free basic version with limited features and require in-app purchases for advanced functionalities.

Method 3: Screen Recording (Built-in Option)

1. Activate Recording: This method utilizes your phone’s built-in screen recording feature. The exact activation process will vary depending on your phone model and operating system. Generally, you can find screen recording in your phone’s Control Center or quick settings menu.

2. Record the Video: Open the Instagram video you want to save and start the screen recording function on your phone.

3. Stop When Done: Once the video finishes playing, stop the screen recording. The captured recording will include the entire screen content, including the Instagram video and any other elements that were visible during recording.

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Keep in Mind:

a. Lower Quality: Screen recordings might not capture the video in the same high quality as the original Instagram video.

b. Extra Footage: The recording will capture your entire screen, so you might need to edit out unwanted parts before sharing the downloaded video.

Downloading with Awareness

By following these methods, you can save those captivating Instagram videos for your enjoyment. Remember to prioritize copyright, choose reputable download options, and enjoy the downloaded content responsibly!

Here are some frequently asked questions to complement your blog post on saving videos from Instagram:

Q: Is it safe to use third-party websites to download Instagram videos?

A: The safety of third-party websites can vary. Look for websites with positive user reviews and clear privacy policies. Be cautious of websites with intrusive ads or that request unnecessary permissions.

Q: Are there any free apps for downloading Instagram videos?

A: Yes, there are free video downloader apps available for iPhone and Android. However, some might have limited features or contain in-app purchases for advanced functionalities. Read reviews carefully before choosing an app.

Q: Will the quality be the same when I download an Instagram video?

A: The quality can vary depending on the method used. Third-party websites and apps might offer different quality options. Screen recording will capture your entire screen, so the video might not be in the same high quality as the original.

Q: Can I download Instagram videos from private accounts?

A: No, the methods mentioned in this blog post won’t work for private accounts. You can only download videos from public accounts.

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Q: Is it okay to share downloaded Instagram videos?

A: Not always. It’s important to consider copyright. Always ensure you have permission to share videos that don’t belong to you. Following the creator’s guidelines for sharing is important.

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