A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete Instagram Comments


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Delete Instagram Comments

How to Delete Instagram Comments

Although Instagram is a dynamic platform for content sharing and interaction, you might occasionally need to remove or delete comments from posts. Any Instagram user who wants to handle improper remarks, keep a positive atmosphere, or fix a mistake needs to know how to remove comments. We’ll walk you through the easy process of removing comments from your Instagram posts in this article.

1. Open the Instagram App:

Begin by opening the Instagram app on your mobile device. Log in to your account if you’re not already logged in.

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2. Navigate to Your Post:

Go to the post containing the comment you want to delete. Scroll through your profile or feed until you find the specific post in question.

3. Locate the Comment:

Find the comment you wish to delete. Comments appear below the post, and each comment has a series of icons next to it, including a heart, a speech bubble, and three dots.

4. Tap the Three Dots:

Tap the three dots located to the right of the comment. This will open a menu of options for managing the comment.

5. Choose “Delete”:

In the menu, select the “Delete” option. Instagram will ask you to confirm whether you want to delete the comment. Confirm your decision.

6. Confirm Deletion:

After selecting “Delete,” Instagram will prompt you to confirm your decision. Tap “Delete” again to permanently remove the comment from your post.

7. Review and Manage Multiple Comments (Optional):

If you need to delete multiple comments, you can repeat the process for each one. Instagram also provides an option to manage comments collectively, allowing you to set filters and restrictions to prevent certain comments from appearing on your posts.

8. Monitor Your Comment Section:

After deleting a comment, monitor your comment section to ensure the desired effect. Deleting inappropriate or irrelevant comments helps maintain a positive and respectful online space.

9. Utilize Comment Filters (Optional):

Consider using Instagram’s comment filters to automatically hide or restrict comments containing specific keywords or phrases. This proactive approach can help prevent unwanted content from appearing on your posts.

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10. Report Inappropriate Comments:

If a comment goes beyond being inappropriate and violates Instagram’s community guidelines, you have the option to report it. Instagram will review the report and take appropriate action.


The simple procedure of removing comments on Instagram gives users the ability to personalize their online environments and build supportive communities. The ability to remove comments from posts guarantees that your Instagram experience is consistent with your objectives and principles, regardless of whether you’re sharing original material, running a personal account, or promoting a business. Use Instagram’s comment management tools to maintain a lively, courteous, and engaging online presence.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to deleting Instagram comments:

Q1: Can I delete comments on Instagram from a desktop computer?

A1: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Instagram’s web version allows you to view and like comments, but deleting comments is a feature primarily available on the mobile app. Features may have been updated, so check the latest version for potential changes.

Q2: Can I delete comments on someone else’s Instagram post?

A2: No, you cannot delete comments on someone else’s Instagram post. The ability to delete comments is limited to the account that created the post. However, you can report inappropriate comments on other users’ posts.

Q3: Is there a limit to how many comments I can delete on my Instagram posts?

A3: There is no specific limit to the number of comments you can delete on your Instagram posts. You can manage and delete comments as needed to maintain the desired environment on your account.

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Q4: If I delete a comment on Instagram, can the person who posted it see that I deleted it?

A4: Instagram does not send a notification to the person whose comment you deleted. However, the user may notice that their comment is no longer visible on your post.

Q5: Can I recover a comment after deleting it on Instagram?

A5: Once you delete a comment on Instagram, it cannot be recovered. Make sure you want to remove the comment before confirming the deletion.

Q6: Can I delete comments in bulk on Instagram?

A6: As of my last knowledge update, Instagram primarily allows the deletion of comments on an individual basis. However, Instagram periodically updates its features, so check the app for any changes that may include bulk comment management.

Q7: How can I restrict or filter comments on my Instagram posts?

A7: Instagram provides tools to filter comments. In your account settings, you can use the “Comment Controls” feature to hide offensive comments, limit interactions, and manage who can comment on your posts.

Q8: Can I delete comments on Instagram Live?

A8: As of my last update, comments on Instagram Live videos cannot be deleted by the broadcaster. However, viewers have the ability to delete their own comments.

Q9: Are there any time restrictions on deleting comments on Instagram?

A9: There are no specific time restrictions for deleting comments on Instagram. You can delete comments at any time after they are posted.

Q10: Can I delete comments on Instagram without the comment author knowing?

A10: Yes, when you delete a comment on Instagram, the user whose comment you deleted does not receive a notification about the deletion.

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