Hyrulean Adventures Await: How Many Zelda Games Are There?


Hyrulean Adventures Await: How Many Zelda Games Are There?

How Many Zelda Games Are There?

The Legend of Zelda series is a sprawling epic, taking players on countless journeys through the fantastical land of Hyrule. With so many entries across various consoles, aspiring heroes might wonder: just how many Zelda games are there?

The answer depends on how you count! Here’s a breakdown to satisfy your curiosity:

The Mainline Quest: Exploring the Hero’s Journey

At the core of the series lie the mainline Zelda titles, each offering a unique adventure with Link, Princess Zelda, and the villainous Ganondorf. These iconic games typically feature sprawling overworlds, intricate dungeons, and epic boss battles.

As of today, there are 20 mainline Zelda games, taking players from the top-down perspective of the NES era to the breathtaking open worlds of the Nintendo Switch.

A Broader Hyrule: Unveiling Spin-offs and Remakes

The Legend of Zelda universe extends beyond the mainline entries. Numerous spin-off titles explore different genres and gameplay styles, while remakes revisit classic adventures with updated visuals and features.

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Factoring in these additional titles, the grand total balloons to a staggering 45 Zelda games. This includes:

a. Puzzle Games: Titles like Link’s Awakening and Oracle of Ages/Seasons challenge players with clever puzzles and unique mechanics.

b. Action-Adventure Games: Hyrule Warriors offers a fast-paced Dynasty Warriors-style experience, while Zelda CD-i games (though not critically acclaimed) ventured into a different genre.

c. Remakes: Classic adventures like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D breathe new life into beloved entries.

So, How Many Games Should You Play?

The beauty of The Legend of Zelda lies in its diverse offerings. Whether you crave a classic top-down adventure or a modern open-world experience, there’s a Zelda game for you.

Newcomers can start with acclaimed titles like Ocarina of Time or A Link Between Worlds. For veterans, spin-offs like Hyrule Warriors or lesser-known entries like Link’s Awakening can provide a fresh perspective.

The number of Zelda games isn’t the end goal; it’s the countless adventures waiting to be experienced. So, grab your sword and shield, hero – Hyrule awaits!

Here are some frequently asked questions to complement your blog post on how many Legend of Zelda games exist:

Q: There are 20 mainline games? That’s a lot! Where do I even begin?

A: Don’t worry! The Legend of Zelda games are designed to be enjoyed individually. Ocarina of Time and A Link Between Worlds are two critically acclaimed titles perfect for newcomers.

Q: I heard about some weird Zelda games on CD-i. Are those worth playing?

A: The CD-i Zelda games aren’t considered canon and received mixed reviews. You might be better off exploring other entries in the series.

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Q: Are remakes like Link’s Awakening DX completely different games?

A: Remakes typically stay true to the core gameplay of the original but offer updated graphics, features, or quality-of-life improvements. They’re a great way to experience classic adventures with a modern feel.

Q: Spin-offs sound interesting, but are they connected to the main story?

A: The connection to the main storyline varies. Some spin-offs, like Hyrule Warriors, offer a unique experience within the Zelda universe but don’t directly continue the core narrative. Others, like Oracle of Ages and Seasons, might have looser connections but still feature familiar characters and locations.

Q: 45 Zelda games seem overwhelming! Can I still enjoy the series if I don’t play them all?

A: Absolutely! The beauty of Zelda is its variety. Pick a game that interests you and jump in. You can always explore other entries based on your preferences later.

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