Bluesky Unveils Ozone: Building Your Own Moderation Toolbox


Bluesky Unveils Ozone: Building Your Own Moderation Toolbox

Bluesky Unveils Ozone

Decentralized social media platform Bluesky unveils Ozone, an open-source tool granting users unprecedented control over their online experience. Launched this week, Ozone empowers individuals and teams to collaboratively review and label content, fostering a “stackable” moderation ecosystem.

Building a Tailored Social Feed:

Bluesky envisions a future where users can personalize their social media feeds by subscribing to independent moderation services alongside the platform’s default moderation. These services, akin to “filters,” will cater to specific preferences. For instance, an arachnophobe could subscribe to a service that removes spider-related content from their feed.

Beyond Block Lists: Collaborative Content Management

While Bluesky previously offered basic blocking functionalities, Ozone represents a significant leap forward. Unlike traditional block lists that target specific accounts, moderation services enable collaborative content labeling and reporting. This eliminates the need for constant tagging and empowers communities to curate their online spaces effectively.

Open Ecosystem Fosters Innovation:

The open-source nature of Ozone opens doors for developers and community experts to contribute. These entities can create specialized moderation services addressing diverse needs, potentially including paid subscription models.

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A Future of Decentralized Moderation:

Bluesky’s innovative approach paves the way for a more user-centric and adaptable system of content moderation within the decentralized social media landscape. By empowering individual choice and fostering community involvement, Ozone offers a promising solution for a complex issue.

The open source tool can be found on the GitHub repository here.

Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about the unveiling of Ozone by Bluesky:

1. What is Bluesky’s Ozone?

Ozone is an open-source tool launched by Bluesky that allows users and teams to collaboratively moderate content on the platform.

2. How does Ozone give users more control?

Users can subscribe to independent moderation services alongside Bluesky’s default moderation, essentially creating a customized content feed.

3. What kind of moderation services can be created?

Moderation services can filter content based on various criteria, like removing images of spiders for users with arachnophobia. They can also allow users to report content that slips through filters.

4. How are these different from Bluesky’s existing block lists?

Moderation services are collaborative, allowing teams to manage them and label specific posts, rather than just block entire accounts. This eliminates the need for constant tagging and empowers communities to curate their online spaces.

5. Who can create moderation services?

Anyone can create a moderation service, with the potential for both community-run and paid subscription models.

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