Is It Possible for Unknown Callers to Hack Your Phone?


Is It Possible for Unknown Callers to Hack Your Phone?

Is It Possible for Unknown Callers to Hack Your Phone?

Does getting a strange text or call indicate that your phone has already been compromised? Though most likely not, it can indicate the start of a fake hoax or a hacking attempt. So, is it possible for unknown callers to hack your phone? Continue reading to find out how to keep your phone safe and what happens when a hacker calls.

Can Unknown callers hack into your phone just by calling you?

It’s rare that phone hacking originates via phone calls. But texts can also carry malware, and calls and texts can be used to initiate phishing scams or other fraudulent schemes that aim to trick you into sending money, divulging personal information, or downloading malware or viruses.

The easiest way to be safe from text and phone scams is to never answer unknown calls. Please don’t follow any links, give them a call, or text them back. Calling back could cost you an international rate if you fall victim to a call-back scam, with the hacker keeping some or all of the money. Additionally, be mindful of the social engineering techniques scammers employ to fool you into opening a dangerous link.

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A communication with a questionable link may look like the following:

i. An advertisement for sale or offer

ii. appeal for assistance from a family member

iii. A warning from Facebook or other social media platforms

Hackers can impersonate — or “spoof” — email addresses and telephone numbers. Please do not fall for it. When it comes to scam phone calls, hackers frequently impersonate trusted companies to trick victims into disclosing important information, a technique known as vishing (voice phishing).


Can someone use an app to call you and then hack into your phone? Unanswered phone calls had previously allowed WhatsApp users to be hacked, but this security flaw has since been fixed. However, it is challenging to be totally safe because various types of hackers are always searching for new security flaws. Usually, the best you can do is keep up a strict regimen of digital hygiene and keep a close eye on your privacy and security on the internet.

Here are frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Unknown Callers and Phone Hacking:

1. Can I get hacked by simply answering a call from an unknown number?

No, answering a call from an unknown number itself is unlikely to hack your phone. However, phone calls can be part of a larger social engineering or phishing scam.

2. How can phone calls be used in a scam?

Scammers might use phone calls to impersonate legitimate companies (vishing) and trick you into revealing personal information or clicking on malicious links.

3. What are some red flags for phone scams?

Be cautious of calls offering deals, asking for urgent help from a loved one (often impersonating them), or claiming to be from a trusted company but urging immediate action.

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4. What should I do if I receive a suspicious text message?

Never click on links or reply to suspicious texts. It’s best to delete them immediately.

5. Can hackers spoof phone numbers to appear legitimate?

Yes, hackers can disguise their phone numbers to look like they’re from a familiar source. Don’t trust caller ID alone; be wary of unexpected calls.

6. Is there anything I can do to completely prevent phone scams?

Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof way to prevent all scams. However, staying informed about common tactics and remaining cautious of unsolicited calls and texts can significantly reduce the risk.

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