Trim It Right: How to Shorten Videos on Your iPhone


Trim It Right: How to Shorten Videos on Your iPhone

How to Shorten Videos on Your iPhone

Ever record a fantastic video on your iPhone, only to realize it’s a bit too long? Fear not, editing wizard! Knowing how to shorten videos on your iPhone is a breeze, and you don’t even need any fancy apps. Here’s how to get your clips perfectly concise:

A. Using the Photos App:

1. Open the Photos app and locate the video you want to shorten.

2. Tap the video to open it for playback.

3. Look for the Edit button in the top right corner. It will look like three horizontal sliders. Tap Edit.

4. You’ll see the video timeline at the bottom of the screen. Two yellow sliders flank either end of the timeline. These are your trimming handles.

5. Drag the left yellow slider to the right to trim the beginning of the video. A preview window will show you exactly where the trimmed video will start.

6. Drag the right yellow slider to the left to trim the end of the video. The preview window will reflect the new ending point.

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7. Once you’re happy with the trimmed selection, tap Done in the bottom right corner.

8. Here comes the important part! You have a choice:

i. Save Video: This creates a new, shortened version of your video, leaving the original untouched.

ii. Save Video as New Clip: This overwrites the original video with your trimmed version. Choose this option with caution!

B. Trimming Tips:

i. Need a more precise trim? Tap and hold either yellow slider, then slowly move it frame by frame for exact edits.

ii. Want to see your trimmed selection in action before saving? Tap the play button in the preview window.

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can easily shorten your iPhone videos and share your masterpieces without any unnecessary footage. Now go forth and create!

FAQs: Shortening Videos on iPhone

1. Q: Can I shorten videos on iPhone with any other apps?

A: Absolutely! The Photos app offers a basic and convenient trimming tool, but there are many video editing apps available in the App Store that might offer more advanced features like adding transitions or text overlays.

2. Q: I accidentally saved the trimmed video over the original! Is there a way to get it back?

A: Unfortunately, if you chose “Save Video as New Clip” and overwrote the original video, it’s gone unless you had it backed up elsewhere (e.g., iCloud Photos). This is why it’s important to be cautious and choose “Save Video” if you want to keep the original.

3. Q: What if my video has a black bar at the top and bottom when I view it for editing?

A: This might be because your video was shot in a different aspect ratio than your iPhone screen. You can usually choose to crop the video to fit the screen size during the editing process in the Photos app.

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4. Q: Can I trim live photos on iPhone?

A: Yes! You can trim live photos using the same method as regular videos in the Photos app. Just open the live photo, tap Edit, and use the yellow sliders to trim the desired portion.

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