A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Lock Your Facebook Profile


A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Lock Your Facebook Profile

How to Lock Your Facebook Profile

Protecting your social media presence is essential in this age of growing concerns about internet privacy. Facebook gives you the option to lock your profile, which gives you an additional degree of security. By taking you step-by-step through the process of locking your Facebook page, this detailed guide will give you more control over who can see and access your personal information.

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

Begin by opening the Facebook app on your mobile device or visit the Facebook website on your computer.

Step 2: Go to Your Profile

Navigate to your profile by tapping on your profile picture or clicking on your name at the top of the Facebook homepage.

Step 3: Tap on the Three Dots

On mobile, you’ll find three dots (ellipsis) at the top right corner of your profile. Click on them to access the profile settings.

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Step 4: Select “Lock Profile”

Scroll down the options and look for “Lock Profile.” Tap on it to initiate the process.

Step 5: Confirm Your Choice

Facebook will provide information on what it means to lock your profile. Read through this information, and if you’re ready to proceed, click on “Lock Your Profile.”

Step 6: Set Profile Lock Settings

You’ll be prompted to choose who can see your future posts – either “Public” or “Friends.” Select your preferred option. Additionally, you can review and adjust other privacy settings like who can send you friend requests or who can look you up using your email address or phone number.

Step 7: Review Your Locked Profile

Once you’ve made your selections, your profile will be locked. You’ll notice a padlock icon on your profile picture, indicating that your profile is now secured.


One proactive way to improve your online privacy is to lock your Facebook profile. You can maintain control over who gets access to your personal data and still take use of the social features of the platform by just following these easy steps. Follow these simple steps to keep your profile safe, secure, and customized to your comfort level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about locking your Facebook Profile:

Q1: Can I unlock my profile after locking it?

Yes, you can unlock your profile at any time by revisiting the profile settings, selecting “Unlock Profile,” and confirming your choice.

Q2: Will existing friends be affected by the profile lock?

No, existing friends will still be able to see your posts and other shared content. The lock primarily affects the visibility of your profile to people who are not on your friends list.

Q3: Can I customize who sees my locked profile?

While the profile lock primarily restricts access to non-friends, you can further customize privacy settings for specific aspects of your profile, such as friend requests and contact information.

Q4: Does profile locking affect my current friends’ ability to interact with my posts?

No, profile locking doesn’t impact the interactions of your existing friends with your posts. They can still like, comment, and share as before.

Q5: Can people still see my cover photo and profile picture with a locked profile?

Yes, your cover photo and profile picture will remain visible to the public, but other information on your profile will be restricted.

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