A Short Guide on How to Figure Out Your iPhone’s Model


A Short Guide on How to Figure Out Your iPhone's Model

How to Figure Out Your iPhone’s Model

Ever stare at your iPhone and totally space on what model it is? Been there, held that phone. Whether you snagged it from a friend or unearthed it from a gadget graveyard, figuring out your iPhone’s model is easier than mastering sourdough starter (trust us).

Method 1: Settings Sherlock

This is the easiest trick for iPhones running iOS 12.2 and up:

1. Find Settings: That gray gear icon is your battle cry. Tap, tap, tap!

2. General Direction: Scroll down and tap “General.” Because, well, general stuff.

3. “About” You: See “About“? Tap it. This is your iPhone’s info central.

4. Model Mayhem (The Good Kind): Depending on your iOS version, you’ll see “Model Name” or “Model.” Tap it, and BAM! Your iPhone’s model glory is revealed (e.g., iPhone 13 Pro Max, the phone of champions).

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Method 2: Back Detective (iPhone 8 and Later)

For iPhone 8 and later with a glass back, the model number might be hiding in plain sight. You might need some light and maybe even a magnifying glass (because detective work!):

1. Flip It Over: Gently lay your iPhone face down (unless it has a case that blocks the back).

2. Bottom Line (Literally): Peek near the bottom close to the edge where the back meets the frame.

3. Code Name: You should see a string of letters and numbers engraved there. That’s your model number!

Method 3: Lightning Look-See (For eSIM iPhones)

If your iPhone 8 or later rocks an eSIM (embedded SIM) and has no SIM tray, the model number might be hiding inside the Lightning connector:

1. Flashlight Friend (Optional): This might help you see the tiny engraving.

2. Lightning Look-in: Find your charging port at the bottom (the Lightning connector).

3. Peek-a-Boo: Carefully look inside the connector with your eyes or a flashlight. You might see the model number engraved on the top side (the side closest to the screen).

Cracking the Code: Model Number Breakdown

Once you have that model number, you can unlock its secrets! Here’s a quick translation guide:

a. The “A” is for Awesome (and iPhone): The first letter (A) means it’s an iPhone (e.g., A2631).

b. Number Crew: These digits tell you the specific model and storage size (e.g., A2631 is an iPhone 13 Pro Max with 128GB).

Stuck on Decoding Duty?

No worries! If you have the model number but can’t figure out the exact iPhone model, a quick Google search with the number should solve the case.

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So yeah, with these methods, your iPhone’s model mystery is a thing of the past. Now you can conquer the iOS world, knowing exactly which iPhone you’re the master of!

iPhone Model Mystery Solved: Your FAQ Decoder Ring

Q: My iPhone doesn’t have a model name listed under “About” in Settings. What do I do?

A: If your iPhone runs an iOS version older than 12.2, you might not see the “Model Name” option. Try Method 2 (Back Detective) or Method 3 (Lightning Look-See) to find the model number engraved on your iPhone’s back or inside the Lightning connector.

Q: I found the model number, but it’s just a bunch of letters and numbers! How do I know what iPhone model that translates to?

A: The model number starts with an “A” to signify it’s an iPhone, followed by a series of digits. Search online for “iPhone model number decoder” or enter “A [your model number]” on a search engine. This should reveal the specific iPhone model and storage size linked to that number.

Q: My iPhone has a SIM tray, but there’s no model number engraved on the back. Is there another way to find it?

A: It’s possible the model number might be very faint or hidden under a phone case. Try using a flashlight to see better or removing the case for a closer look. If that fails, you can always head to Method 1 (Settings Sherlock) and see if your iOS version allows you to find the model name there.

Q: I can’t seem to find the model number anywhere on my iPhone! Is there anything else I can try?

A: If all else fails, there’s a chance your iPhone might be a very old model or a counterfeit. Try contacting Apple Support for further assistance. You can describe your iPhone’s appearance and any markings you can find, and they might be able to help you identify it.

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