Free Up Storage: How to Delete Games on Your PS4


Free Up Storage: How to Delete Games on Your PS4

How to Delete Games on Your PS4

Your PS4 library overflowing with games you no longer play? Maybe you need space for that hot new release. Whatever the reason, knowing how to delete games on your PS4 is a quick and easy process. Here’s how to free up some storage space and de-clutter your gaming library:

Method 1: Deleting from the Home Screen

1. Power on your PS4 and navigate to the Home screen.

2. Locate the game you want to delete. You can scroll through your library or use the search bar at the top.

3. Highlight the game with your controller.

4. Press the Options button on your controller. This will open a menu for the selected game.

5. Select Delete.

6. A confirmation message will pop up. Choose Delete again to confirm your choice.

Method 2: Deleting from Storage

This method is useful if you want to browse your storage and delete multiple games at once.

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1. Go to Settings from the PS4 Home screen.

2. Scroll down and select Storage.

3. Choose System Storage from the following options. Your PS4 will take a moment to calculate the storage usage breakdown.

4. Select Applications. This will show you a list of all the games installed on your PS4, along with their file sizes.

5. Highlight the game(s) you want to delete. You can press the X button to select individual games, or use the Options button and choose Select All to delete multiple games at once.

6. Press the Delete button (trash can icon) and confirm your selection.

Bonus Tip: Deleting Saved Game Data

While deleting a game removes the main files, your save data might still be stored on your PS4. Here’s how to delete saved game data if you want to completely wipe a game from your system:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Select Application Saved Data Management.

3. Choose Saved Data in System Storage.

4. Select the game you deleted and press X.

5. Choose Delete and confirm your selection.

Remember: Once you delete a game and its save data, it’s gone for good (unless you have it backed up to PS Plus cloud storage). Make sure you don’t want to revisit the game before deleting it completely.

Happy Deleting!

With these methods, you can easily delete games on your PS4 and reclaim precious storage space. Now you can download that new game you’ve been eyeing, or simply enjoy a less cluttered gaming library!

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about deleting games on your PS4:

1. Q: Will deleting a game remove my trophies?

A: No, deleting a game will not remove your trophies. Trophies are stored separately on your PS4 console or your online PlayStation Network account.

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2. Q: I accidentally deleted a game! Can I get it back?

A: If you haven’t turned off your PS4 since deleting the game, you might be able to restore it from the PS4’s notifications. Check your notifications for a message about the deleted game and choose “Cancel” to revert the deletion. Otherwise, you’ll need to re-download the game from your PlayStation Store library.

3. Q: Is there a way to delete game updates and DLC separately?

A: Unfortunately, the PS4 doesn’t allow deleting game updates or DLC (downloadable content) separately from the main game. You have to delete the entire game if you want to remove the update or DLC as well.

4. Q: My PS4 storage is full, but I don’t want to delete any games! What can I do?

A: There are a few alternative options:

  • External storage: Consider purchasing an external hard drive and transferring some of your games to it. This frees up space on your PS4’s internal storage without deleting the games completely.
  • Cloud storage: If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription, you can upload your saved game data to the cloud storage. This frees up some space on your PS4 without deleting the games themselves. However, you’ll need an active PS Plus subscription to access your cloud-saved games.
  • Stream games: Sony offers a service called PlayStation Now (PS Now) where you can stream games directly to your PS4 without downloading them. This can be a good option for trying out new games without using up storage space.

5. Q: I deleted a game but it still shows up on the Home screen. What’s wrong?

A: Sometimes, after deleting a game, the PS4 cache might need a refresh. Try restarting your PS4 and the game should disappear from the Home screen.

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