A Fresh Start: How to Change Your Instagram Username


A Fresh Start: How to Change Your Instagram Username

How to Change Your Instagram Username

Your Instagram username serves as a digital avatar that the large user base on the platform sees as you. Updating your Instagram username is a simple process, regardless of whether you’ve outgrown your present username, renamed your personal or business profile, or you just want a change. We’ll walk you through the process of how to change your Instagram username in this blog post, giving you the confidence to do it without any problems and carry on establishing your new online persona.

Why Change Your Instagram Username?

Changing your Instagram username can serve several purposes:

1. Rebranding: If you’ve undergone a personal or brand transformation, changing your username allows you to align your Instagram identity with your new image, values, or objectives.

2. Consistency: Updating your username to match your other social media handles or branding materials ensures consistency across platforms, making it easier for followers to find and recognize you.

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3. Privacy: If you’re concerned about privacy or unwanted attention, changing your username can help you maintain a level of anonymity or control over your online presence.

Steps to Change Your Instagram Username:

1. Open the Instagram App: Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device and log in to your account if you’re not already signed in.

2. Go to Your Profile: Tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to navigate to your profile.

3. Access Account Settings: Once on your profile, tap on the “Edit Profile” button located next to your username.

4. Edit Your Username: In the “Edit Profile” section, locate the “Username” field, which displays your current username. Tap on this field to enter a new username.

5. Choose Your New Username: Enter your desired username in the provided field. Keep in mind that usernames must be unique and meet Instagram’s guidelines for length and format.

6. Save Changes: After entering your new username, tap on the “Done” button or the check-mark icon to save your changes.

7. Confirm Changes: Instagram will prompt you to confirm the username change. Review the new username carefully to ensure it’s spelled correctly, then confirm the change.

8. Update Linked Accounts: If you have your Instagram account linked to other platforms or websites, such as Facebook or your personal blog, be sure to update your username accordingly to maintain consistency across channels.

Tips for Choosing a New Instagram Username:

1. Keep It Simple: Choose a username that is easy to remember, spell, and pronounce to make it more accessible to others.

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2. Reflect Your Identity: Your username should reflect your personality, interests, or brand identity to resonate with your audience and align with your online presence.

3. Check Availability: Before settling on a new username, check its availability on Instagram to ensure that it’s not already in use by another user.

4. Consider Future Growth: Choose a username that will remain relevant and timeless, even as your interests or brand evolve over time.


A quick and easy approach to update your online presence and bring it into line with your company or personal identity is to change your Instagram username. You may make the switchover easily and carry on interacting with your audience with newfound vigor by adhering to the instructions provided in this article and taking into account the suggestions for selecting a new username. Updating your Instagram username creates new avenues for growth and engagement among the active Instagram community, regardless of your reasons for doing so—rebranding, consistency optimization, or just a change of pace. So go ahead, own your new identity, and confidently start the next phase of your Instagram adventure!

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about changing Instagram usernames:

1. Is it possible to change my Instagram username more than once?

  • Yes, you can change your Instagram username multiple times, but there are some limitations. You can only change your username once every 14 days.

2. Will changing my Instagram username affect my followers or existing content?

  • No, changing your Instagram username will not affect your followers or existing content. Your followers will still see your posts, and your previous username will redirect to your new one.
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3. Can someone else take my old username after I change it?

  • Yes, once you change your Instagram username, your old username becomes available for others to use. However, there is no guarantee that someone else will immediately take it.

4. Will my old username still be searchable on Instagram?

  • No, once you change your Instagram username, your old username will no longer be searchable on the platform. However, your previous username may still appear in search results for a short period before it updates.

5. Do I need to update my Instagram username on other platforms or websites?

  • Yes, if you have your Instagram account linked to other platforms or websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or your personal blog, it’s a good idea to update your username to maintain consistency across channels.

6. Can I revert to my old username after changing it?

  • Yes, if your old username becomes available again and you decide to change back to it within the 14-day window, you can revert to your previous username. However, after the 14-day period, your old username may be taken by someone else.

7. Will changing my Instagram username affect my verified status?

  • If you have a verified account (blue checkmark), changing your username should not affect your verified status. However, it’s always a good idea to reach out to Instagram support for confirmation if you have concerns.

These FAQs aim to provide clarity on common questions about changing Instagram usernames, covering topics such as frequency limits, follower impact, searchability, and verification status.

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