YouTube is the biggest platform for watching videos online. But when you try to watch it on big screens like Televisions the interface is generally not user-friendly. Not because of its factory made settings but because of the visibility of small menu icons.
YouTube has a clever solution to this. You can go to or to watch YouTube in TV mode.

In general, devices with a big screen are always kept at a considerable distance from us. So juggling with the options seems a bit difficult because of the menu size. You sit at a distant place and the small icons seem difficult to see.

YouTube TV

What YouTube TV actually does is that it makes all the menu icon size large for easy visibility. You can control and navigate through the web app from your keyboard or a wireless keyboard if your distance is larger than the keyboard wire’s length.

You can also control it with your mouse. But the difficult part may come when you need to search for something of your choice and type keywords in the search bar. The interface becomes similar to the onscreen keyboard.

Connect With YouTube TV

You need to sign in with your Google account to access the YouTube TV mode. 

Although you can skip the sign in part if you are in a hurry for a personalized experience you need to sign in. Features like History, Watch Later, Purchases, Liked Videos, Collection is only accessible when you sign in. 

YouTube TV sign in web interface of YouTube TV web app

You need to visit on your phone or computer and enter the code provided to activate your YouTube TV account.

YouTube TV activate web interface of YouTube TV web app

In fact, YouTube TV web app is actually made to be controlled using a keyboard. You get all the navigation guide to buttons inside the web app.

Control With Your Mobile

The best part about the YouTube TV web app is that you can control it using your mobile phone. So there is no need to buy a wireless keyboard if you have a smartphone in your hand with YouTube app installed in it.

  • Open YouTube TV on your computer.
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Link with TV code or visit for direct access
  • You get a 12 digit code
  • Open YouTube app on your smartphone
  • Go to settings and select Watch on TV
  • Enter the 12 digit code and you are done!
Link with TV code web interface of YouTube TV web app

Linking with your phone allows you to control the YouTube TV web app on big screens using your mobile device. All the commands take effect in real time.

You can control all the activities like playback and search running on the screen with your smartphone leaving the big screen just for contents.

It is great if you have a smart TV. But if you don’t have one you can connect your laptop or computer with an HDMI cord or you can use the Amazon TV Fire Stick.