Technology has revolutionized our lives. We can’t deny the fact that every one of us is directly or indirectly attached to some tech products. Every day a new invention is made to improve the previously done origination. But there are still some ideas that haven’t been made so far to some of our favorite tech products. And truly speaking after reading this article you will surely blame the tech giants for not implementing such thoughts.

Whenever we engage ourselves with tech products like the internet, mobile, laptop and other pieces of tech stuff we face a couple of problems. I have discussed some issues that I faced so far. I have also discussed some features that need to be implemented in giant social sites like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Permanently Hiding Someone’s WhatsApp Status Without Deleting Their Contact Number

WhatsApp Logo
WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp doesn’t have this feature. You can only mute someone’s WhatsApp status if you are not interested in checking them up. Some people upload a lot of undesirable photos or videos to their WhatsApp status and that becomes annoying. On the other side, you also can’t delete their number because they are your dear ones. Although muted contacts remain in the status section underneath they remind us constantly to check them whenever we switch from chat to status section and scroll down.

This is a very annoying feature of WhatsApp. I tagged WhatsApp and tweeted this issue on twitter but there is no reply from WhatsApp yet.

Sharing More Than One YouTube Video To Facebook In A Single Post

Two images one featuring YouTube logo embedded in a mobile phone and other featuring Facebook logo embedded in other mobile handset device connected with a graphical arrow.
Sharing YouTube Videos To Facebook

Yesterday I was having one issue. I was surfing YouTube and I came across a video that impressed me a lot. So, I decided to share it with my friends on Facebook. Actually, the YouTube video was separated into two parts. I wanted to share both of them. But the problem was that one cannot share more than one YouTube video at once to Facebook in a single post. That made me disappointed and I had to share them separately in two different posts.

I searched Google in the belief of getting a solution but there were none. So, I have added this query to Quora and other forums and his hoping to get a solution to this.

A Location Based Mobile Ringtone

An animated human character listening to sound waves
Listen To The Right Flavor Of Ringtone For The Right Place

This idea suddenly struck my mind when I was at a holy place yesterday evening and my mobile phone rang. The ringtone was quite loud and jazzy. So, it made the whole environment a bit awkward. A holy place is a place where everyone goes for attaining peace of mind and generally, the place remains quiet and calm. I felt very awkward there at that moment of time. I thought what if there was an app that could automatically change our mobile phone’s ringtone according to a location we are at.

In this way, you can set a regional ringtone for a regional place, a pop ringtone for a bar, traditional ringtones for office or a reggae one for college.
This can be a great way to make yourself a really adorable person just by setting the right flavor of ringtone for the right place. What say?

A Laptop With An Integrated Printer

I had to submit my lab project the next morning but unfortunately, I got to remember that late at night. So, I pulled my socks and started completing it. In between, there came a need to take some hard copy printouts. Also, photocopy shops remain close in the early mornings. At that instant, I realized why do laptops do not come with an integrated printer inside it.

Some of you may call this rubbish and illogical. But no. This is not.
If a giant 5 MB of Hard Drive can be transformed into a tiny chip containing memory in Terabytes, then why a laptop can’t bear a printer inside it?

So I googled it and see what I got.
Canon Note Jet 3 was the first laptop with a printer inside it.

Thanks to Spiceworks for sharing such a great idea.

See Photos shared by Spiceworks…

A Canon Note Jet 3 black Laptop with an open Lid Kept on a table
Zoomed image of the Canon Note Jet 3 Laptop featuring the embedded printer.
Another zoomed image of the Canon Note Jet 3 Laptop featuring the embedded printer.

Don’t you think laptop manufacturing companies should try embedding a printer inside their laptops?
It can be a great use to students saving their time from standing long in a queue outside libraries and photocopy shops.

Festival Related Emojis In WhatsApp

A emoji yellow in color expressing disappointment.

It was Holi that day (an Indian festival) and I was sending wishes to my dear ones on WhatsApp. But I couldn’t find any emoji that was relatable to Holi. So I was helpless to attach this ( 🎨 ) after the text message and this was the only emoji that was closely related to the festival. Indeed, WhatsApp lacks many emojis that can be closely related to different festivals. Although you can send relatable stickers emojis can add extra benefit.