TV cables have always been irritating and messy. Cable wires are hard to handle. They cause discomfort especially when the television is connected to a set-top box, stabilizer, USB cable, HDMI cable, and other accessories.

These wires gets tangled. This makes the cleaning process more tiring and causes the whole job to be hectic and difficult.

Mount It On A Wall

Mounting will help you manage space. You can create a free space where you can keep your other stuffs.

TV companies provides you with a mounting iron bar and screws that comes factory packed to help you mount your television.

Make A Wooden Box

A simple idea is to make a wooden shelf in which all your wires and other gadgets can accommodate. This would be of great help.

It will help you get rid of those messy wires and will also make your wall look beautiful and well organized.

Although, this will not cost you too much and is easy to make.

TV mounted on a wooden case  that is attached on a white wall. The wires are under the wooden case to keep them hidden.

You can design these kinds of wooden shelves according to your choice and requirements.

Thanks to Spenc Design for this simple and great idea.

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Some More Ideas

Here are three more pictures that you may consider. All images are embedded via Pinterest

An LED Tv Mounted on a wooden case attached to a white wall with a drawer below it to keep wires hidden

An LED TV Embedded In A White Cupboard

An LED TV mounted on a white wooden case that is attached to a grey wall.