Scan a file for virus without using any Antivirus software.

Most of us don’t have any Antivirus software installed on our computer for the reason we don’t want to spend money to buy their premium versions or some of us want to save our precious hard disk storage as well.

But without using any such software the system becomes vulnerable to malware. This can harm the computer by either slowing it down or sending your private information to the remote hackers. 


To use the full feature of some popular Antivirus software like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Quick Heal, Avast, AVG we have to use their paid versions for sure.

And this is also important because the free versions are not that efficient.

Buying their premium versions cost us a bit. Also, Antivirus software comes with an annual subscription plan so it is not a one-time investment.

But you can scan a file for virus without installing any Antivirus software on your computer.

Virus Total” is a free website that uses 60+ Antivirus Softwares to scan your file and shows all the scan results.

It doesn’t only scan your files but also perform the same for URLs, IP Addresses, Domains, and File Hashes.

The website is totally free and doesn’t cost you even a single penny.

I personally use this website to scan files I download from the Internet.

See Screenshot…

upload a file to Virus total


I also tried scanning a .jpg file to get further assurance.

.jpg file scanned result


Refer image to get an idea of some Antivirus software used by “Virus Total


antivirus software used by virus total

I also scanned “WeYouAndTech’s” Facebook page URL for total confirmation. scanned result

And it worked fine.

You can’t totally depend on online virus scan software because they don’t provide protection against the already installed software and files on your computer. You have to manually upload files to these online tools to only know the vulnerability.

These online tools will not remove any malware but will only inform you whether the file is malicious or not.