Prince Of Persia Escape

With so many new games out there in the Google Play Store, there are some which remind us of our childhood days.

A few days back I was surfing the Play Store and was trying installing some random games.

Then I got this game called Prince Of Persia Mobile. Though it looked boring at the beginning but was interesting later on.

Remember Dev? This game is very similar. 

The horrific volcano escape, countless obstacles to cross and many more. All were really interesting. Isn’t it?

But This Game Is Nearly Impossible

I never expected this Prince Of persia mobile game to be so tough as the initial levels seemed very easy.

As I said, I was closely relating this to Dev. But as soon as I reached Level 8 I got to know about its difficulty.

I tried hundreds of time to cross and go beyond level 8 but all efforts were in vain.

I made a video using Kinemaster to illustrate how I got failed stepwise. Haha! Check It Out.


Download the game from Google Play Store: