With the introduction of computers, our life has become easy and fast. Computers have become an integral part of our life. Working on computers will become much easy if we use some keyboard shortcuts.

Here is the list of some useful keyboard shortcuts.

1.  Windows Logo + M or Windows + D

Maximizes and Minimises all active windows.

2. Shift + Delete Key

Deletes any file permanently.

3. Ctrl + Scroll Mouse Wheel

“Zoom In” ya “Zoom Out” any opened page.

4. Ctrl + Shift + T

Open the closed “Tab” in the browser again.

5. Alt + Tab

Switches between different programs running in the background.

6. Ctrl + Print

For taking the Screenshot.

Note:  In the newer version of windows like Windows 10 there is a separate button for taking a screenshot i.e., “PrtSc”.

7. Alt + Left Arrow Button (←)

Takes you to the previous page.

8. F2 Key

Lets you rename any file.

9. Windows Logo + L

Lock your PC.

10. Ctrl + D

Bookmark any web page.

11. Ctrl + Shift + B

Hide or Unhide the “Bookmark Bar”.

12. Ctrl + Shift + O

Opens the “Bookmark list”.

13. Windows Logo + Left(←) or Right(→) key

Simultaneously opens two windows. (A multi-window feature.)

14. Windows Logo + Up(↑) or Down(↓) key

Minimizes and Maximises multi windows separately.

15. Ctrl + Drag a file using the mouse

Copy any file to your favorite location.

16. Ctrl + Shift while dragging a file

Copy any file’s shortcut to your favorite location.

17. Ctrl + Right Arrow Key.

Takes the Insertion Point or Cursor to the first letter of the next word.

18. Ctrl + Left Arrow Key

Takes the Insertion Point or Cursor back to the first letter of the previous word.

19. Ctrl + Shift + Any Arrow Key

‘Highlights’ any text.

20. Ctrl + A

Selects entire text.

21. Alt + Enter

Shows the property of any file or folder.

22. Alt + F4

Closes the current window.

23.  Shift + F10

Shows the shortcut menu of the selected file.

24. F5 Key

Refreshes the active window.

25. F1 key

Opens “Help Window” for you.

26. Windows logo + E

Opens “File Explorer” for you.

27. Windows logo + R

Opens the “Run dialog box”.

28. Windows logo + U

Opens Windows Settings.

29. Shift Key For 8 Seconds or Press Shift Key 5 Times.

Open Filter Keys dialog box to let you turn it ON or OFF.

Although there are many more keyboard shortcuts, these are some that can be used frequently.

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