Top 16 Most “Useful Websites” On The Internet


The Internet is full of websites each for different use and information. Here I am listing my most ever liked Top 16 Most “Useful Websites” I generally use while surfing the internet.


List Of Top 16 Most Useful Websites:



Evernote cloud saves all your files and data and smartly saves your Laptop’s and PC’s storage space. Since it uses your Google account to create your profile you can log in with your credentials and access your files and data from any corner of the world. - Most useful website 1




It provides free high-resolution photos for you to download. I personally use this website whenever I am in need for some great pictures. - Most useful website 2





Are you the one who doesn’t have an antivirus software in your PC or Laptop? Don’t worry. VirusTotal uses 60+ Antivirus software to scan your files. It also scans URLs, IP Addresses, Domain and File Hashes. - Most useful website 3

For more info visit:

How To Scan An Item For Viruses When You Don’t Have An Antivirus Software?




Are you planning to start your new Blog or a Facebook Page and can’t find an attractive logo that defines your Blog or page? Worry not!


Using “designnevo” you can make attractive and influential logos online. - Most useful website 4




Are you the one who has a great interest in Technical gadgets and the digital world like me?

Visit this website and you can find dozens of tech-related news here. - Most useful website 5





If you have a great interest in photography and clicks photos all the time then you can sell your photos online on this website and can earn some decent amount of money from them. - Most useful website 6





Need some software to run a specific game or a file? Just navigate through the search bar and you will get the software you need.

For any reason, if you didn’t find the software of your choice, you can visit instead.




You can fetch any kind of stuff related to your academics like programming languages, Mathematics, digital marketing, exam syllabus, Indian History, software queries, etc. - Most useful website 8




Using this website you can send free SMS messages to any mobile all over India. It also supports Bulk Messages and 9 different languages. - Most useful website 9




Are you the one who make constant mistakes in grammar and your Grammar Nazi friends make fun of you all the time? Shut their mouth by using this website which corrects all your grammatical mistakes instantly.

You can add Grammarly extension to your chrome browser and it will correct all your mistakes whenever you write an incorrect sentence. - Most useful website 10



Want to know the site you made will do well on the internet like it has good page loading speed and other stuff? is the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online. - Most useful website 11


Measures your Internet Speed online. - Most useful website 12


Listen to worldwide Radio stations online. - Most useful website 13




Helps you can solve algebra, calculus and chemistry problems online. - Most useful website 15





Helps you quickly summarise the terms and services of different websites. - Most useful website 16



Find out what your browser knows about you?

Webkay webpage interface
Webkay Robinlius

So which website you liked the most?

Do let me know in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to add some useful websites you know about.