After Blue Whale  Momo Game Challenge Is Taking The Lives Of Innocents

These days a similar game to Blue Whale called Momo Game Challenge is spreading like wildfire over the internet. The game especially targets adolescents. It started spreading through Facebook and Youtube and is now going viral on Whatsapp. Recently, Momo Game challenge targeted a 12-year-old girl from Escobar, Argentina who committed suicide as reported by the TIMESNOWNEWS.

The suicide girl filmed her activities on her camera before committing suicide. They forced her to end up her life. The creators of the Momo Game challenge threatened her badly by using horrifying images and videos for not completing the orders.

The game consists of an intimidating character that will haunt you by giving you some dares that will ultimately force you to end up your life. If you refuse to follow the orders, threatening images and videos will try to haunt you.

You will receive a horrifying image of a girl. Her popped out eyes resemble two Momos. That’s why the game is called ‘Momo Game‘ Challenge. The lip is extremely large and is extended all the way back. The face is very large as compared to the body. The picture of the girl that is used in the game to threaten the teenagers is made by a Japanese artist “Midori Hayashi” though he is not connected to the Momo Game challenge in any way.


The hackers will try to contact you by sending a malicious file(especially a malware) to you through E-mail or by some other means upon clicking on which will enable them to get access to your camera.

They will use your camera to monitor your activities like how you react to the horrifying pictures and videos they send.

How Can The Momo Game Challenge Reach You?

The Momo Game challenge will reach you through Whatsapp chat most probably. You will receive a message from an unknown number asking you to try the Momo Game challenge. Cybercrime officials find it impossible to track the criminals as they use proxy IP addresses and locations.

Since the Blue Whale game challenge had taken over 100 lives all over the world I request you to not try diving into playing the Momo challenge game in any way. These are designed to take control of your mind psychologically. Hence, you will have no choice left rather committing suicide at the end.

How Can You Save Yourself From The Deadly Momo Game challenge?

  1. Never open any unknown and malicious looking file which you receive in any way through some social sites.
  2. Stay away from people who encourage you to try the game for even at least once.
  3. Delete and exit the chat immediately if you receive any Whatsapp message of Momo challenge featuring a Whatsapp DP of a haunted girl described above. Better you Block the number.
  4. Cover your phone and laptop camera most importantly with some opaque sticker so that they can’t spy on you.
  5. Don’t use public Wi-Fi to access the internet. Hackers find it easier to exchange files over devices connected to public Wi-Fi.

Responsibility as a Parent

  1. If you suspect any unfamiliar behavior in your child or any self-harming instincts, try having a humble conversation with him/her.
  2. Keep a close check on your child’s online activity.
  3. Be open to your kids.
  4. Inform them about Momo Game challenge and other such psychological life taking games. Tell them about the consequences.
  5. Try consulting a psychologist as these kinds of games tends to control one’s mind and make them do whatever they like.

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