A Simple Guide on How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon


A Simple Guide on How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon

How to Use Apple Pay on Amazon

Let’s face it, Apple Pay is awesome. It’s fast, secure, and makes checkout a breeze. But what if you’re on a shopping spree on Amazon and realize they don’t accept Apple Pay directly? Hold your horses, spendthrift friend! There’s still a way to get that sweet, sweet Apple Pay action on your Amazon purchases. Learn how to use Apple Pay on Amazon below:

Here’s the Thing: Your Apple Card is Your Secret Weapon

Since Apple Pay and Apple Card are basically BFFs, you can use your Apple Card info stored in Pay for your shopping adventures. Here are two sneaky tricks to make it happen:

Trick #1: Add Your Apple Card to Amazon’s Party

1. Open the Amazon App: Get that app fired up on your iPhone or iPad.

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2. Find Your Account: Tap the hamburger menu (those three horizontal lines) and then peek into “Your Account.

3. Payment Party Time: Look for something like “Payment options” or “Manage payment methods.” Dive on in!

4. New Payment Pal Needed: Select the option to “Add a new payment method.”

5. Introducing Your Apple Card: Pick “Credit or debit card” and then punch in your Apple Card details. If your phone’s fancy enough, you might even be able to scan your physical card with the camera.

6. Save and Slay: Once you’ve entered your Apple Card info, tap “Add” to save it to your Amazon wallet. Now you can use your Apple Card (and by extension, Apple Pay) for future purchases within the app.

Trick #2: Look for Apple Pay at Checkout (But Be Sneaky)

While Amazon itself doesn’t directly accept Apple Pay, some sellers on their platform might be a little more Pay-friendly. Here’s how to spot them:

1. Checkout Time!: Add your goodies to your cart and head to checkout like normal.

2. Apple Pay to the Rescue (Maybe): During checkout, peep the available payment methods. If the seller is cool with Pay, you’ll see the Apple Pay logo hanging out amongst the other options.

3. Verify and Boom!: If you see the Pay logo, high five it mentally and choose it as your payment method. Verify the transaction with your Face ID or Touch ID (depending on your device), and that’s it! Amazon shopping spree continues!

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Remember: Not all sellers on Amazon are Apple Pay fans. Always check the payment methods during checkout to see if it’s an option.

The Bottom Line:

Even though Amazon and Apple Pay aren’t official besties yet, you can still use your Apple Card stored within Pay for a smooth checkout on the Amazon app. With a little planning and these tricks, you can keep your shopping spree rolling without skipping a beat!

While Apple Pay isn’t directly accepted on Amazon.com, here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help you navigate your shopping experience:

Q: So, I can’t use Apple Pay at all on Amazon?

A: Not exactly! While Amazon itself doesn’t integrate with Pay, you can still use your Apple Card (which works with Apple Pay) for purchases.

Q: How do I use my Apple Card for Amazon purchases?

A: There are two options:

  1. Add your Apple Card to your Amazon wallet: This allows you to use your Apple Card information stored in Pay for future app purchases.
  2. Look for the Apple Pay logo at checkout: Some individual sellers on Amazon’s platform might accept Pay directly. During checkout, see if the Pay logo appears as a payment option.

Q: Where do I add my Apple Card to my Amazon wallet?

A: Open the app and navigate to “Your Account” > “Payment options” or “Manage payment methods.” Choose “Add a new payment method” and select “Credit or debit card” to enter your Apple Card details.

Q: Will this work on the Amazon website (desktop view)?

A: Currently, these methods primarily work for the app on iPhone or iPad. Pay functionality might be limited on the desktop website.

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Q: Is it safe to use my Apple Card information on Amazon?

A: Amazon uses secure methods to store your payment information. Remember to follow standard online security practices like using strong passwords and being cautious about unknown sellers.

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