Scan a file for virus without Antivirus software.

Most of us don’t have any Antivirus software installed on our computer. To use the full feature (which is damn necessary to completely remove viruses from a file)of some popular Antiviruses software like Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Quick Heal, Avast, AVG we have to use their paid versions. But worry not! You can scan a file for virus without Antivirus software being installed on your computer system.

Virus Total” is a website that uses 60+ Antivirus Softwares to scan your file and shows all the scan results.

Virus Total” doesn’t only scan your files but it also scans URL, IP Address, Domain, and File Hash.

The website is totally free and doesn’t cost you even a single penny. I personally use this website whenever I need to scan any file.

Here is the screenshot of the website…

upload a file to Virus total

I also scanned a .jpg file of mine:

.jpg file scanned result

Some Antivirus Softwares used by “Virus Total

antivirus software used by virus total

I also scanned “WeYouAndTech’s” Facebook page URL for total confirmation. scanned result