Learn How To Experience Mobile Instagram On PC – Upload Photos On Instagram Directly From Your PC

Instagram is our favorite photo-sharing platform. Instagram has over 400 million active users daily and this is a huge number. Almost everyone uses their  Instagram account using the Instagram app available on the Goole play store.

But what about Desktop or Laptop? Instagram app has all the features like posting photos, stories, videos, etc. But when it comes to the web version, Instagram lags such features especially when we need to upload our photo or video directly from the desktop.

But worry not! Now you can experience full mobile Instagram on PC. You can upload your photographs or videos to Instagram directly from your desktop.

Follow These Simple Steps To Experience Mobile Instagram On PC

1.  Open your Google Chrome Web Browser and search Chrome Web Store.

2. Inside the Chrome Web Store, search for Instagram and press enter.

3. Press add to chrome to add Downloader For Instagram to your Google Chrome Web Extension.

Downloader for Instagram - Chrome Web Store

4. Click on Add Extension in the pop-up to add Downloader For Instagram extension in your Google Chrome Web Browser.

Barak Obama Instagram account for Demonstration

In order for the settings to take effect, you have to refresh your Instagram account once.

Not only you can upload new photos to your Instagram directly from your Desktop using Downloader for Instagram, but you can also download your favorite photos directly to your computer. Just move your cursor to the photo you want to download and click on the download option that appears.

You can also have the exact mobile view using the extension. Just click on the mobile view icon present at the right corner of your Instagram account.

Click the mobile icon to get the mobile view of Instagram on PC

Using the Downloader For Instagram extension, you can run your Instagram on PC just like you do with your mobile app.

Advantages Over Other Available Extensions

Downloader for Instagram extension is better than other extensions like 16gram because this extension allows you to even download your favorite photos directly to your PC

Here is a YouTube Video by Leontiy Volodin for the full demonstration if you find any sort of difficulty in using the extension.