A Step By Step Guide To MightyText

Do you use your mobile data hotspot to use the internet connectivity on our Laptop/PC? Do you get disturbed because of the frequent arrival of SMS on your phone?

Most of us when using the mobile data hotspot keep the phone either plugged in or somewhat far away from our easy reach where the network is good. Furthermore, most of us don’t have a charging point near the bed. Poor us. Haha!

We generally get OTPs while working on our computer and getting up again and again to fetch them seems very annoying and uninteresting. So, how to do it?

A step by step guide to MightyText will let you learn how to get android messages on Laptop.


1. First of all, search “Mightytext” on Google and open the first result that appears.


You have to “SIGN UP” first. I am shown “SIGN IN” because I already had registered before.

2. Now install “Mightytext” on your Android Smartphone. You can either download it from Google Play Store or can send an install request to your phone directly from the site.

Better you download it from Play Store as the “send the app to my phone” option didn’t work for me.

send install request to android smartphone

3. After installing the app it will look like this. Keep the app open and type mightytext.net/app on your web browser as described i.e.,

MightyText | Text From Computer | SMS From Computer

mightytext app

After going to the address provided, your phone will automatically get synced up to your computer like mine.

4. Click “Complete Setup“. Now you can receive all of your SMS on your computer. Not only this you can also send messages directly from your computer to any mobile phone across the world.

Note: “Mightytext” will work only until your phone and computer are connected to each other over the internet.

All done. You will now start getting your Android messages on Laptop.

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The Notification Feature

Now you have got all your SMS containing OTPs and general messages. But what about when you need important “Notifications“. That is also very important, right?

“Mightytext” has very smartly taken care of your needs. You can also receive your Android notifications on your computer using Mightytext.

mightytext app notifications

Just go to “Phone” and select “App Notifications“. You will receive a pop up on your android phone. Click on “ENABLE NOTIFICATION SYNC” to enable app notifications.

You can even sync your Android latest five photos to “Mightytext” (Give storage permission to enable this feature) and send it to anyone.

These photos will get saved to your computer’s Hard Drive. You can also send them to your Whatsapp contacts.

sync android photos in mightytext

The features don’t end up here.

We have a habit of keeping our stuff unorganized and in random places especially our mobile phones. Throwing them on the bed or keeping them on the sofa is our old habit.

Mightytext” can ring up your phone from your PC/Laptop as well. This helps you find your phone easily.

It will also show your phone’s battery status in the bottom-most extreme left corner. For e.g., the battery percentage, plugged in status, etc.

ring phone from computer using mightytext

Impressed? There is even more! Get all of your apps lists on “Mightytext” and choose whether to uninstall them directly from your computer or not?

Mightytext shows app list installed on your android smartphone on your computer

So, Which feature did you like the most?

Do let me know in the comment section.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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