Take Full Webpage Screenshot In Your Google Chrome Web Browser

Liked any web page and want the Full Webpage Screenshot to share it with your friends? You can either use a traditional way of using the “PrtScr” keyboard button given on your keyboard or can use a dedicated chrome extension like “Smartshot”  available on the Google Chrome Web Store.

In fact, by using the traditional way of pressing the “PrtScr” button you will not get a full webpage screenshot. This Prtsc button will only give you the amount of webpage that fits on your computer‘s or laptop‘s screen. Moreover, you cannot capture the webpage even in somewhat good quality as well.

The Smartshot Extension

screenshot of the Smartshot extension in google chrome web browser

Many don’t know that without using the Smartshot extension you can even perform the said task.

To do so,  go to the three dots  “Customize and control Google Chrome” option given the top extreme right corner of your Chrome Browser.

Three dot icon at extreme right corner of google chrome web browser

Select More tools and under that goto Developer tools.

Or you can Press F12 or Ctrl + Shift + I  to open the Developer tool options.

screenshot of the Developer tool option

By default, the zoom is set to 100%  If not, set it to 100%.

Click on the three dot icon and select “Capture full-size Screenshot”.

capture full page screenshot option

You are done!

The Screenshot will automatically get downloaded and will get saved in your desired download location.

You can also capture the full webpage according to the mobile handset device you use.

This is a great feature in the Google Chrome Web Browser that ensures extra compatibility.

screenshot desirable size option

Here is a sample of a full webpage screenshot of The MightyText Official Website

A full web page screenshot of the Mightytext website

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