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Hello! Welcome to “We You and Tech”. This blog mainly cover topics on digital-related things and provide basic tech guides.

We You and Tech was started back in July 2018. Frankly speaking, I am no expert in blogging nor do I had a long plan before starting this blog. I have collaborated my writing skill with my interest.

I am a computer science degree seeker and currently pursuing my B.tech degree from Kolkata. Know more about me here.

Whatever this blog expresses is the sole work based on my interest in tech and digital stuff. I generally publish once every two weeks.

This is a one-man blog and all the topics covered are written only by me.  This blog is no perfect. But can be in the future. I see this blog climbing height and reaching one of the best tech blogs in India.

For any query, land to our contact section to get your queries solved and details regarding the contact process. I would love to hear from you and will try my best to solve your tech-related queries as far as possible.

You can also mail me at [email protected] which is my official Gmail account’s mail address. Or, you can connect with me on Facebook (facebook.com/arsalanpervez123) or Twitter (twitter.com/ashupervez).

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