No doubt Google is the leading online search engine worldwide and it always surprises us by its unique and interesting features.

Google is not like that boring old teacher who only provides you with informative pieces of stuff without any fun. Besides helping us complete our assignments, projects and learning new things, Google has perfectly managed to entertain us as well.


elgooG, as the name depicts, is an official mirrored website of Google spelled backward.

As soon as you visit the website, you will see the same official Google Search page but in a mirrored style with some integrated fun items at the bottom. main window

Underwater, Gravity, T-Rex Game, Pac-man, Guitar, Snake Game, My Location, and Bing Mirror are the other fun features embedded under elgooG.

Google Underwater Search

Google sinked under water

This elgooG’s feature makes Google sink underwater. Search for “more fish please” and watch them falling down into the water.

Google Gravity

Google gravity feature window

As the gravity pulls down everything so this feature does. It is just like a hide n seek game where you are asked to search something on Google but before you need to hunt for the search button.

T-Rex Run Game

T-Rex dinosour game by google

Who else doesn’t know this T-Rex dinosaur game that entertains us each time whenever our internet connectivity goes down.

Pac-Man Game

Pac Man game with a maze made of Google's letters

This game reminds us of that old Microsoft DOS Games that we used to play in the late ’90s and early 2000. With a very interesting maze made of Google’s letters, it is still fun to play.

Google Guitar

Google turned into a guitar which produce sounds when mouse is hovered over the strings

Hover the mouse and listen to melodious music as you jump between different guitar strings. This works best with the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Google Snake Game

Goolge turned into a snake game

This is not like the one offered by those old Nokia handsets where the snake would die if you collide the head and tail and the match continues until you meet up the collision rule.

This game has some different aspects. The match will run for 60 seconds and there is no collision theory here.

You can score as much as you can within the time limit. You get awarded for collecting gems, fruits and veggies. It can make the snake crawl fast and slow accordingly.

The only thing by which the snake can die is by eating random explosions which fall down along with other essentials.

IP Address And Geo Location

An IP address and Geo-Location window

This uses your browser’s collected data to display your IP Address and your IP GeoLocation. The data displayed was pretty close. I was really impressed as sites like KeyCDN and IP Location were not providing deep and detailed information.

In simple words, IP GeoLocation is the pairing up of your IP address to a geographical location where your device network is connected to. It provides you with some location information like country, state, city, zip code, latitude, longitude, etc.

The last feature is Bing Mirror which resembles elgooG – the mirrored website of Google in the exact same way but with a Bing search engine bar.

It embeds Bing Image which is one extra feature other than what elgooG offers.